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As an individual gift to you and your home, or a group gathering with your friends and/or your family, you will learn to use sound healing tools to clear stagnant energy and gain insights on how to set intentions to uplift your living space. 


This can be as simple as wanting to experience routines for joy and move into more complex intentions.  Please keep in mind that we may intend only well for others without energetic consequences.


This work will assist in clearing, as well as lifting the vibration of the home and your experience within. Multiple intentions may be anchored into the home within one session. Instruments are provided and available for purchase to continue the Sonic work on your own if desired.


Intention setting can also be applied to the workplace.

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Clear the space energetically with the support of sound healing instruments.

Experience support in determining as well as reinforcing intentions with certainty.

Anchor that into being with the vibrational support of sound.

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