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What is Sound Healing and how does it work?

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Sound healing is a vibratory tool that aids in quieting the mind.  When the mind is stilled, the brainwave states slow down, allowing the body to return to its natural state of repair as it comes into harmony with its inherent frequency. 


When the natural frequency becomes out of sync, dis-ease happens within the emotional, mental, or physical body. This creates a vibration of imbalance within the multi-levels of being. Sound healing assists in moving energy that is stagnant or out of resonance back into balance.


With crystal bowls, gongs, drums, tuning forks, metal bowls, the voice, and other sonic tools, an environment of relaxation is generated to support transformation and optimal well-being.

What is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini yoga combines movement, breath practices, meditation, and sound healing to move energy more effectively in the body.  Focus is placed on drawing energy upwards in the spine to experience increased vitality and heightened awareness.  Kundalini yoga is sometimes referred to as The Yoga of Awareness as practitioners have claimed to find themselves seated on the throne of consciousness.


Please note that practices offered through My Wellness Sage support a fusion of long standing kriyas, mantras, and meditations experienced as beneficial by many over the years with emerging ideas of freedom therein.  Divine Feminine principles of compassion and flow are upheld first and foremost.

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra means Union Sleep.  This practice is deeply relaxing as it invites you to create a nest of total comfort to recline and explore the layers of the mind and emotional body as effortless release permeates your physical body. 

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What is Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching brings you into clarity with waking cognitive function by speaking in an atmosphere attuned to your needed change.  What you want most becomes crystal clear in conversation with a trained wellness coach! 


You learn to create action plans to bring desired visions alive with conscious awareness and continued engagement for your best self to shine brightly.

Forest Bathing also referred to as Forest Therapy and sometimes Nature Therapy is a practice in coming home.  We come home to ourselves internally and externally with time spent in nature.  When we make use of the sensory practices offered in Forest Bathing, we connect beyond ourselves to see with more clarity our place in the world. An opportunity to observe the elements present across time highlights the path of our ancestors and draws us back to community as well as into loving relationship with the Earth.  

When in loving relationship, we care about what contributes to thriving.  Each individual committed to caring creates the foundation for the change we need now.  


Come and see how it feels to be invited into nature with guided sensory exploration!

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What is Forest Bathing and How Does it Work?

This is an opportunity to experience sound clearing in your home with an experienced practitioner.  You may want to set intentions with one or two family members or you may want to extend your intention setting to friends.  When you and those who will be in your space come together and speak aloud what you intend to experience in a space, you create the stage to act out those very intentions.  


Sound clearing paves the way for the intention(s) to be set and sound anchoring with reiki infused practices gives additional energetic reinforcement to every intention made. 


A shift can then occur within the body of the living space and within those who interact in the space. 

What is Intention Setting with Sound Clearing?

How does it work?

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Yoga Nidra works to open a door into the subconscious mind where old patterns can be replaced with your choice of seedlings for your present and future reality.

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